Runner cooling down at hull half marathon

Hull 10k & Half Marathon

The Hull 10k & Half Marathon 2023 took place on a scorching hot June day in Hull, East Yorkshire, igniting an electric atmosphere among the participants and spectators. The sun blazed overhead, casting a golden glow on the streets of Hull

Runners, fueled by determination and adrenaline, navigated through the city of Hull’s vibrant streets and iconic landmarks, their trainers pounding the pavement; Beads of sweat formed on their brows as they pushed through the sweltering heat, their spirits undeterred. The air was filled with cheers and encouragement from the crowd, spraying refreshing mist to provide relief. Water stations dotted the course, offering much-needed hydration to the runners, who powered through the challenging conditions (and the taste of sparkling water for some!) with unwavering resilience. The Hull 10k & Half Marathon 2023 will be remembered as a testament to the human spirit’s triumph over adversity, as participants conquered the course, dressed up, raised money and embraced the heat, and celebrated their extraordinary achievements.

A massive well done to everyone who took part!

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